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"Classic Rock is a much abused term, but if ever a recent title deserved the title, its this one." Read the raving review of Dreamless here  


 October 2nd, 2013:
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  "Poignant examples of broken love, blurring reality, and the timeless state of dreamlessness all culminate in one of the most ambitious musical projects I have come across in a long time."


Our Drummer Joe Gnoffo performing with Miley Cyrus in Germany

Miley Cyrus - We Can’t Stop (Schlag den Raab... by MrsDarkWindp>


Recorded last year and silently waiting to invade your eardrums, ‘Dreamless’ is the next phase in the Post Trauma story. The second half of their debut double album takes a journey deeper into the Rock side of Post Trauma Band. Darker, louder, heavier and self indulgent, Dreamless is truly a Hard Rock adventure.   Listen Now

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Watch Post Trauma with Sebastian Saraceno and Ronald Clark from the hit show 'Pit Boss'


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